Sphatik mala

What is Sphatik mala?

In the older times the properties of different gems were identified by the Sagas and the they utilised the powers of those properties in healing diseases of the people any for rectifying the negative impacts of planetary positions present in the horoscope of the person. There are different types of gems that are used by analysing the birth details of the person. Sphatik mala is one of Gems used for solving many problems of the people that they face in different fields of life. Sphatik gem that is formed by the atoms of silicon and oxygen. It is transparent and it has no colour. It is also known as pure snow and crystal white. The nature of this gem is cool and even it is placed for some time in the sun it will not be heated and will remain cool. This gem is worn as a jewellery and the Bracelets of Sphatik are very much famous among the people. This gem is very useful in healing many diseases and it is the best way to control blood pressure. In the ancient times our Sagas and Vaids use this Gen widely. From the older times our Ayurveda practitioners used to utilise the Bhasm of this stone for making many powerful medicines and in Ayurveda many uses of Sphatik gem are defined.

What are the main uses of Sphatik mala?

Sphatik mala has mystical powers and such properties that can heal many critical diseases in a very short time period. This gem can also rectify the negative impacts of planetary positions in the horoscope of the person. You can also attain good health as well as good luck by using this gem. The person who wears the sphatik mala can easily control his or her temper. It also helps in maintaining the blood pressure of the person right. This mala also keep the person safe from all types of black magic and evil things. When a person wears Sphatik mala and worship Maa Saraswati for seven Mondays attains success in every field. If you want to be rich and wealthy then also you can wear Sphatik mala. If you want to take advantages of this mala then you will have to practice some rituals along with reciting of mantras to energise the Sphatik mala. There is a proper methodology to energise the Sphatik mala and you will have to follow that in a complete manner.

What are the advantages of Sphatik mala:

-For attaining wealth and to be rich.
-To get rid of diseases and to be healthy and fit.
-To control you blood pressure.
-To control you temper.
-To get peace of mind.

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